As a playwright, Sean has written countless one-acts, ten minute plays and full lengths. You can see his most recent work here. He has participated in the 31 Plays 31 Days Challenge in 2012 and 2014. He was selected to be interviewed for the site last year. You can read his interview here. He also has plays available on the New Play Exchange.



THE BED SHOW is a live talk show in people's beds about love, dating, intimacy and our relationship to beds. Co hosted by Sean Pollock and a variety of other co-hosts, performed live in people's bedrooms.

  • June 2018 (Production): Produced by Unattended Baggage Company, Executive Produced by Alyssa Berdie, Dir. Hana Mastrogiacomo. Performed site-specifically in apartment bedrooms, NYC, performed with (and material by) Jon Schuta.

  • January 2019 (Excerpt) Performed at Title:Point's SalON!: I Am A Beast With Eyes On All Four Sides with The Exponential Fest, performed with (and material written by) Emma Howard, NYC.

  • February 2020 (Production): Philly Theatre Week Engagement. Performed with (and material by) Nuria Hunter.



Ricky, an ex-felon fast food worker, teams up with four transgender aliens from Planet Fabulous to assassinate members of law enforcement in an effort to complete total anarchy and smash the patriarchy. However, things become awry when Nora, a teenage runaway outlaw, joins their mission and changes their direction. With the help of Shelly, an irrational FBI agent, the three team up against the aliens and meet to a hilarious, epic and most importantly, filthy and shocking finale.

  • Written for 1M, 1W, 10 M/W *Gender flexible/ trans-inclusive casting

  • April 2015 (Production): Macabre Theatre Ensemble at Ithaca College, dir: Hana Mastrogiacomo



Jellybean Junkyard is a new solo show revolving around a young cleaning woman with a new gig to clean up an entire chemically infected junkyard in Staten less than a week. This dark absurdist romp challenges audiences' perceptions of mental illness, addiction, and sexuality, and explores the possibility of self-acceptance in spite of our deepest flaws.

  • Written for 1W.

  • September 2016 (Production): Playlight Theatre Company (Under St. Marks, NYC). Dir: Colleen Hughes. Reviewed by Theatre Is Easy and Onstage Blog.



American Juggalo is a snapshot of the often mocked and misunderstood subculture of Juggalos, hardcore Insane Clown Posse (ICP) fans, who meet once a year for four days at The Gathering of the Juggalos. 

On the last night of The Gathering, a group of Juggalos from different walks of life come together to swap stories, share experiences, and party. As the night unfolds, they begin to question if their shared love of one band is strong enough to create a lasting bond, and what it means to be “fam.” American Juggalo is a new docu-theatre piece adapted from the 2011 documentary short by Sean Dunne along with interviews conducted by the playwrights from Insane Clown Posse shows at Webster Hall, The Well, and the 2018 Gathering of the Juggalos.

  • Written for 3M, 3W, 1C (M/W).

  • April 2017 (Industry Reading): Porterspace (NYC) Dir: Drew Weinstein.

  • September 2018 (Workshop): Vital Joint (NYC) Dir: Drew Weinstein.

  • February 2019 (Staged Workshop) New Ohio Producer's Club (NYC) Dir: Drew Weinstein

  • February-March 2019 (Production) HERE Arts Center (NYC) Dir: Drew Weinstein. Features on Bedford + BoweryPeople You Should Know, Wobistdude Blog. Reviews from Theatre Is Easy and Theatre Times.


AFLIC (Awkward Fornication Leading to Immaculate Conception)

Co-Written w/ Rachel Atkinson & Liz Bynum

Bernie is your typical teenage girl. Except for the fact that wears a swim cap at all times, has an imaginary friend, and a mother named Carol with a delusion that she is mother goose. She also struggles with her love for her classmate Chip by insisting she becomes pregnant after they slow dance together. After Bernie comes to the realization that her pregnancy isn’t legitimate, she begins to unravel--and at the same time, Chip begins to come into his own as well. Oh, and the Narrator is a pair of legs. A hilarious absurdist romp about maturity, sexuality and identity that is perfect for student performers. Read a preview here.​​​

  • Written for 3W, 2M. Flexible.

  • October 2014 (Production): Bad Theatre Festival (Tree House Theatre, NYC), dir: Drew Weinstein

  • May 2016 (Workshop): boom! theatre company (boom! Studio, Brooklyn), dir: Drew Weinstein

  • July 2016 (Production): Fresh Fruits Festival (Wild Project, NYC), dir: Drew Weinstein


On January 1st, 2000, two people wake up in a pile of diffused technology and rubble and discover the world has ended because of the Y2K bug. However, an otherworldly creature called "The Nurvula" appears and grants them the opportunity to transcend time and prevent Y2K from ever happening--but can they rise to the challenge? The Y2K Play is a play about time travel, the multiverse, and the role of technology in our everyday lives.

  • Written for 2M, 1W, 1 M/W. Addt’l ensemble of 3-20. *Gender flexible/ trans-inclusive casting

  • July 2016 (Productions): Midtown International Theatre Festival & Tank Afterdark Fest (Jewlbox Theatre, NYC), dir: Mel Hershman​ *Winner of Best Ensemble at Midtown International Festival, 2016*


A  glimpse inside the divisive and complex world of fanatical Trump supporters (and protestors) using actual found text from a rally in Vegas in January 2016. Adapted from the 2016 documentary of the same name by Sean Dunne​.

  • Written for 1W (flexible).

  • January 2017 (Production): ​The Resister Project, The Dirty Blondes (Kraine Theatre, NYC), dir: Emily Lyon. Production featured in Howlround.

  • October 2017 (Off-Broadway Production): United Solo, Rebecca Aparacio (Theatre Row, NYC). Self-directed. Asst. Director: Hana Mastrogiacomo.

  • June 2018 (Regional): Waltzing Mechanics (Chicago), dir: Elizabeth Swanson.



Co-Written w/ Alyssa Berdie

Inspired by a true story about a dominatrix named Mistress Couple, who sexually humiliates and mocks Trump voters. A satire of fast food culture, capitalism, and the state of politics.

  • Written for 1W.

  • August 2017 (Full Production): Commissioned for Greed Play with After School Special, site specifically on Wall Street (NYC). Director: Alyssa Berdie.


THIS IS A PLAY ABOUT NEWSCASTERS is a farcical, absurdist, surrealist re-imagining of the infamous feud between newscasters Carol Erickson and Nicole Brewer of CB3 Philadelphia in 2013. Re-imagined for a modern political context, this piece of theatre is a nightmare fever dream that is a crossover between The Eric Andre Show and Theatre of Cruelty, which examines the performative role of being a woman, a newscaster, and how to deal with this never-ending sh*tstorm of bad news. Developed with Mom's Insurance, a playwriting group for writers under 26 in NYC.

  • Written to be performed by 2W.

  • July 2017 (Workshop Production): Now That’s What I Call Mom’s Insurance, Dixon Place (NYC). Director: Alex Tobey. Encore/Premiere production at Paper Kraine, October 2017.

  • February 2020 (Regional): Rhinofest (Chicago), dir: Zoe Lesser.


One day at a local mom-and-pop laundromat in Brooklyn, a young non-binary person named Chauncey discovers that a washing machine in the back of the store is actually a void to a utopian dimension. Once they make this discovery, they try and recruit their crush, Paddy, to go with them before the void closes up and they lose their chance to go to another dimension forever. VOID is a queer sci-fi comedy about capitalism, equality, and the power of choice. Originally commissioned for Laundryfest with The Motor Company, staged specifically for a laundromat in 2018.

  • Written for a cast of 3. Trans inclusive casting. 

  • Commissioned and premiered as a part of LAUNDRYFEST (also co-curated) with The Motor Company, June 2018.

Want to know more about other plays Sean has written? Check out his resume below!

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