1 M/F​. Gender flexible casting.

A  glimpse inside the divisive and complex world of fanatical Trump supporters (and protestors) using actual found text from a rally in Vegas in January 2016.
Adapted from the
2016 documentary of the same name by Sean Dunne​

  • JANUARY 2017 (Production): ​The Resister Project, The Dirty Blondes (NYC), dir: Emily Lyon. Production featured in Howlround.



​As a playwright, Sean has written countless one-acts, ten minute plays and full lengths. You can see his most recent work here. He has participated in the 31 Plays 31 Days Challenge in 2012 and 2014. He was selected to be interviewed for the site last year. You can read his interview here. He also has plays available on the New Play Exchange.

AFLIC (Awkward Fornication Leading To Immaculate Conception)

co written w/Rachel Atkinson and Liz Bynum

3F, 2M

Bernie is your typical teenage girl. Except for the fact that wears a swim cap at all times, has an imaginary friend, and a mother named Carol with a delusion that she is mother goose. She also struggles with her love for her classmate Chip by insisting she becomes pregnant after they slow dance together. After Bernie comes to the realization that her pregnancy isn’t legitimate, she begins to unravel--and at the same time, Chip begins to come into his own as well. Oh, and the Narrator is a pair of legs. A hilarious absurdist romp about maturity, sexuality and identity that is perfect for student performers. Read a preview here.​​

  • October 2014 (Production): Bad Theatre Festival (NYC), dir: Drew Weinstein
  • May 2016 (Workshop): boom! theatre company (Brooklyn), dir: Drew Weinstein
  • July 2016 (Production): Fresh Fruits Festival (NYC), dir: Drew Weinstein



3F, 2M

​One night, Kelly and her best friend Melissa try experimenting and it completely blows up in their faces when Kelly's bi-phobic Antonio catches them in the act and kicks them out on the street. With these two helpless sexy co-eds out on the streets at night, the worst can happen--even an unsuspecting attack from a bloodthirsty bisexual hoarder. And once affected, you hoard til you drop…

  • October 2014 (Reading): The Village Playwrights (NYC), Dir: Ross Hewitt


1M, 1F, 10 M/F. Gender flexible/trans inclusive casting.

Ricky, an ex-felon fast food worker, teams up with four transgender aliens from Planet Fabulous to assassinate members of law enforcement in an effort to complete total anarchy and smash the patriarchy. However, things become awry when Nora, a teenage runaway outlaw, joins their mission and changes their direction. With the help of Shelly, an irrational FBI agent, the three team up against the aliens and meet to a hilarious, epic and most importantly, filthy and shocking finale.

  • April 2015 (Production): Macabre Theatre Ensemble at Ithaca College, dir: Hana Mastrogiacomo

2  M/F. Gender flexible casting.

Inspired by the Post Secret project, two homeless vagrants spend the night together on an abandoned mattress after running away from a homeless shelter. However, as they break open a bottle of red wine they begin disclosing who they really are — and once they find out both respective parties’ real identities begin to realize that some secrets are secrets for a reason.



Jelly Bean Junkyard is a new solo show revolving around a young cleaning woman with a new gig to clean up an entire chemically infected junkyard in Staten less than a week. This dark absurdist romp challenges audiences' perceptions of mental illness, addiction, and sexuality, and explores the possibility of self-acceptance in spite of our deepest flaws.

  • September 2016 (World Premiere Production): Playlight Theatre Company (NYC). Dir: Colleen Hughes. Reviewed by Theatre Is Easy and Onstage Blog.

2M, 1F, 1 M/F. Addt’l ensemble of 3-20. Gender flexible/trans inclusive casting.

On January 1st, 2000, two people wake up in a pile of diffused technology and rubble and discover the world has ended because of the Y2K bug. However, an otherworldly creature called "The Nurvula" appears and grants them the opportunity to transcend time and prevent Y2K from ever happening--but can they rise to the challenge? The Y2K Play is a play about time travel, the multiverse, and the role of technology in our everyday lives.

  • July 2016 (Productions): Midtown International Theatre Festival & Tank Afterdark Fest (NYC), dir: Mel Hershman

​*Winner of Best Ensemble at Midtown International Festival, 2016*


writer. director. creator. dreamer.


​2M, 4W. Trans inclusive casting.

Back at home in Long Island with no jobs, no prospects and endless amounts of debt from the Sally May Loan Company, Jack--a transman--and Jill--a queer woman--decide they’ve had enough. In the process of fighting their creditor, they learn that sometimes the only way to fight with fire.

  • May 2016 (Reading): Playlight Theatre Company (Astoria, NYC)